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Guerilla Thinking - A hitchhikers guide through the fallacies

In this podcast called "Guerilla Thinking" we focus on the art of qualitative awareness and perceptual agility. This course helps us identify the universal habits and traits of corruption itself, empowering one to reconcile both inner and outer sources. Why? because this is the way of the Ninja

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Time is TBD
The Guru's Podcast

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I was raised by the Minister of Education and Cofounder of the Black Guerilla Family. Pops would teach us Guerilla warfare related philosophy and psychology. These lessons were often mixed in a tonic with strong flavors of occult secret societies and bright notes of hermetic and Taoist esotericism. That catapulted me into the field of critical research and discovery, little did I know, the self discoveries I would make in musical activism would be the epitome of journalism.  Me and the team have combined the most critical aspects of these insights and practices into a blueprint for eternal self discovery. Join us when we reach our registration goal

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