Ceremonial Grade Hip- Hop 

An ancient genre... for a New Age

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Welcome to my artist page, I'm C3.  

I honor music for it's ability to expand the vibration of our consciousness. 

I revolutionize my artistry daily. 

Evolution is a discipline.

Based in Portland, Oregon, I've helped to cultivate the blooming conscious music scene.


We are coming into a new age and it is time to return to the ceremonial grade lifestyle taught by the sages of the now and then. My music honors our diverse ancestry as a force of Karmic Reconciliation. 

The music I make, is the result of this creed,

The music I make is Ceremonial Grade.


The Music

Ceremonial Grade Music happens when the artist creates with compassion and respect, not just for themselves, but for the collective consciousness; the art exudes with the

authenticity of the higher self. 

Check out a preview of my single


from the Unreleased Album

Black Buddha

Black Buddha

Vol. 1

C3 the Guru's debut album

Black Buddha is scheduled to release Fall of 2020

In this musical odyssey, I commemorate the road from the past to the present that we all walk and release us from the barriers that keep us from the familiar doctrines we all hold true in our hearts, but never really know how to express.  C3 guides his listener by leading with empathy and conviction into a journey through the 9 chakra system that parallels the struggle, power and love of the Nagas; revealing that the Black Buddha lies inside of us all.



My radical upbringing has kept Me in tune with the struggle and I show My love for humanity through many Inventions & initiatives.     

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